Don Bosco School Thu, 23 Oct 2014 00:46:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Indian Politics Thu, 23 Oct 2014 00:46:45 +0000 The Indian political system has come a long way since it got independence in 1947. Forming a constitution in itself was a great achievement and the first step to development. Though India is still developing, but it can be said that she has come a long way since independence.

She is standing tall on her feet after being a crippled colony for over a century by building the constitution, forming central and state governments and building the whole concept of administration and economy starting from zilch, which is a great achievement. Sadly though, the current state of politics has nullified the effect of these initial steps and the people of India itself abhor the administration phenomena altogether.

From Indians standing united against the British rule we have come to a point where we are now nothing more than some communist standing only for grouped sections of society. It wouldn’t be wrong if I replace the ‘way’ in the above sentence with ‘wrong way’.

Indian politics is now not only synonymic with corruption, red tape-ism, and opportunist leaders, there is more to it. There are leaders still, who do their bit religiously and not for the benefit of some sect. The government today stands on support of many hands, that for some is a disadvantage, and in some cases it is so, but in others, doesn’t it simply means joining hands for the betterment of the country?

The Indian politics has attained such a pessimist’s attitude lately that it has become hard for the Indian public to believe in this republic and her leaders!

Indians just don’t see anything positive in the steps taken and reforms adopted. Maybe it’s just a bitter effect of the bad experiences in the past! But I think that Indians should not give up hope. We are equally responsible for the current state of India as much as the leaders.

We don’t act in responsible ways.

We don’t vote.

We don’t protest against things they think are wrong.

We don’t behave responsibly and litter around anywhere that they possibly can.

We don’t treat public property properly!

If I go on in this fashion, the list would be endless but the punch that I want to make here is not the complaining that we all can do, but the effort.

Lets all stand tall to remove all the loopholes!!

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Famous Indian Politicians Tue, 14 Oct 2014 13:02:56 +0000 The Indian Parliament would be a perfect place to demonstrate the true richness in the diversity of India. There is a political representation from almost all the sections of the society inside the parliament. Politics is no longer the occupation of the old, the recently concluded General Elections have demonstrated active participation by young politicians and they have also been been approved by the public at large.

Let us accept the fact that there are a wide variety of reasons why people enter politics. We have seen history-sheeters join politics and also people hungry for power and wealth. These are definitely the downsides of Indian political set-up wherein we see bad elements enter politics for purely selfish reasons. On the other hand, we have also witnessed people choosing politics as their occupation because they want to make a difference to the society, they want to contribute, carry on the legacy of their ancestors who have made a name for themselves serving the country.

There have been many famous politicians who have had earned massive mandate from the people of India and have made a name for themselves in the mainstream Indian politics. India has been blessed with many famous politicians, right from the veteran Indian politicians like Jyoti Basu, Atal Behari Vajpayee, Farookh Abdullah to seasoned campaigners like Sheila Dikshit, Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Yadav and now to the relatively new entrants like Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Akhilesh Yadav. These famous Indian politicians have all played an active role in Indian politics, some have retired the others are still working religiously towards strengthening their respective political parties.

I just hope that Indian politics is enthused with more of the young blood and people choose politics as a reason to serve the nation and not themselves.

For more information on the famous Indian politicians, please log on to

Rita Jain is a well known website author and is acclaimed for writing a lot on heritage destinations of India. She has recently written a lot of articles about Heritage monuments of India and stay committed to en-lighting us with her ideas and experiences. This article is just one of her many contributions.

onam song at infant jesus..2011….by aheesh,rashid,syam,joepaul,nirmal,YEDU..
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Uninterruptible Power Systems: The Right Secondary Power Source for Sufficient Backup Power Tue, 07 Oct 2014 17:06:05 +0000 Use of electrical and electronic appliances has increased to a great level in both household and organizations. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have become the vital need of day to day activities. But the increasing use of latest electrical and electronic appliances has also increased the chances of power disruption. As far as the power disruption is concerned, it is hardly predictable and in that case all the connected appliances are susceptible to physical damage in case of sudden power failure.

However, sudden loss of power to home-based appliances can be afford to some level, but situation becomes different when it comes to organization and important places like hospitals, data centers, server rooms, airports, metro stations, research institutes and telecommunication sector. Now, people are very conscious about it and give first priority to the installation of uninterruptible power systems so that they can get uninterrupted power supply and at the same time can save all the connected devices against damages.

Needless to say, because of perceiving the consequences of sudden power loss, a significant growth can be seen in the need of uninterruptible power supplies that has increased manifold. These are the latest backup power devices that are specifically developed to detect power disruption and at the same time provide incessant power during power loss and protect electrical appliances from physical damage.

When it comes to buy high-end uninterruptible power systems, it is easy, but a little bit confusing because of the availability of a wide range of uninterruptible power supply systems. In other words, the market hosts a wide range of uninterruptible power systems developed by renowned manufacturers with different specifications and shapes to meet the requirements of both residential and industrial sectors. Therefore, it is vital to select the right power protection devices that should best match to your needs and budget. For this, making a little bit research on the internet is the right option as there are a number of leading stores providing latest power protection solutions online at affordable rates with precise information about their installation and use.

It is also vital to keep in mind that always select the right uninterruptible power system according to the electrical and electronic appliances that are in use. And at the same time going through the features of the selected device will also be a wise decision.

Elcos Generators from Riello UPS, leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies and Uninterruptible Power Systems, provides diesel with bespoke custom designs including CHP generating sets, silent generators and containerised generators.

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School uniforms: meant for school discipline Mon, 06 Oct 2014 17:08:24 +0000 School uniforms define the discipline sense of the school students. These uniforms show that they are representing the name of the school. If any kid is not willing to wear this kind of cloth, then it means he/she is not willing to take the monotony of the uniform. In that case, that kid needs to be convinced that uniform is not for fashion but it is the integral part of school life. If someone is still not convinced then ask him/her that disobeying school’s rule will lead him/her to the punishment. Moreover, wearing school uniform maintains the integrity among the school student. This kind of same colored and patterned dresses are meant for keeping every child at the same level. If one child is wearing costly, branded attire, then it can make other child jealous. This kind of peer pressure can ruin the self-respect of the kid and it can also burden child financially. Thus, keeping one similar dress for all the children is the best option.

Every school has its own uniform. There are difference in public school uniforms and private school uniforms. We see that in public school, administration is very strict about the school uniforms. Whereas, in private schools, there may be some leniency shown in the part of school administration. So, students have to be in proper public school uniforms under any circumstance. This kind of strictness gives good result in discipline of the kid. They understand the meaning of uniformity with the help of uniforms.

There are differences between girls school uniforms and boys school uniforms. Girls are instructed to wear shirts, skirts, frocks or tunics.  But boys are seen in pants and shirts. If it is winter then girls also can be seen in shirts and pants. But in case of sports activities you can see the changes between girls school uniforms and boys school uniforms. For this kind of special classes, students wear a dress of different houses. While students wear uniforms, then they are supposed to maintain the decorum of the school in front of the other people outside the school. Thus, school dress often stops people from any kind of anti-social activity and this will give keep them away from facing any sort of bad situation. Thus, school uniforms have a great value in any student’s life and they should maintain these dresses properly in order to maintain the discipline of the school.

Jessica Blox has expertise in Private school uniforms and Public school uniforms that makes you able to find the dealer that best fit your business.

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Home Schooling Advantages and Disadvantages Fri, 03 Oct 2014 17:05:44 +0000 There are numerous advantages to home schooling your children. The convenience factor is great. There can never be complications getting to school, missing the bus, being off for snow days that you would have to make up later or having to walk in the rain. You don’t have to buy the often unappetizing school lunch, or get up early to make a lunch to bring with you. You don’t have to worry about what to wear or try to outdo other students with fashion statements if your a girl. And you don’t have to worry about getting into fights, that often “just happen” with adolescent boys. And neither one would have to worry about taking showers in the presence of others after Gym Class. Of course those are things that mainly benefit the students.

There are many advantages for the parents as well. First off, you’ll never have to hear a third hand story about any negative issues that may have happened at school. That’s right, the kind that worries you to death and prompts you to call one of the other kids mothers to see what’s going on. I guess you would call that “Parent Gossip”. You won’t ever have to worry about your kids bringing home bad habits or using foul language they picked up on. No more worrying about lunches. No worry about the possibility that your kids are joining a “Gang” or hanging with the wrong crowd. You will never think your child may have cheated on a test or failed to do homework. And those are just a few of the advantages that the parents can enjoy.

However, as with anything else, there is always “another side to the coin”. There are some disadvantages that a lot of people don’t initially think about when it comes to home schooling. As a parent and home school teacher, the education of your child is your responsibility, and is reliant solely on your ability to do supplemental research to enhance the learning experience. This involves a great deal of extra time investment for the parent. Home schooling may require either parent to stay home and be the teacher, or may put greater stress on parents who both work for a living.

Another disadvantage is that your child may miss out on the benefits of a classroom setting which provides opportunities of socialization and interaction with other students in a learning environment. A classroom full of students with different backgrounds and personal beliefs will provide ideas that can stimulate a child’s mind to think and form opinions.

Opting to home school your children is a big decision to make and requires a huge commitment and self discipline on the parents and child’s behalf. But like anything else that involves a routine, it will get easier over time.

If you seek more information and resources on Home Schooling, and are interested in finding out what the laws are pertaining to Home Schooling in each one of the 50 states, then visit the “Home School Hood” Blog by the author of this article at

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Why schools buy school polo shirts? Mon, 29 Sep 2014 17:06:25 +0000 Polo shirts are popularly being used as school uniform shirts in Australia and elsewhere. Even in technical firms, retail sector, hotels, restaurants, and other industries polo shirts are used as uniforms. But do you know what lead to the popularity of school polo shirts or from where exactly they came in to existence?

The origin of polo shirts dates back to the year 1926 when the French tennis champion ReneLacoste designed shirts for the tennis players. Prior to that, tennis players wore long-sleeved shirts with flannel trousers. Rene Lacoste felt that those conventional white long-sleeved shirts were not that comfortable to wear andthe players had to roll them up while playing tennis. So, he created something that looked formal but was at the same time comfortable to wear.

Soon Lacoste’sshirts were worn by polo players too because of the unparalleled comfort offered by those one-ply ribbed knit cotton t-shirts. The t-shirts gained further popularity when Ralph Lauren launched shirts of the same design but sporting his own emblem of a polo player on the left side of the t-shirt. Polo shirts soon became famous amongst Golf players and since then, the polo shirts or the golf shirts are being worn increasingly by sports persons across the world.

Even the schools in Australia and elsewhere couldn’t overlook the unmatchable comfort and convenience and the semi-formal, semi-casual look of the polo shirts and started buying them fortheir students.

School polo shirts look both casual and formal. Children look stylish yet elegant in school polo shirts featuring their embroidered or printed school logo. The best part about the school polo shirt is that it can be teamed up with almost anything and by anyone. Both girls and boys look good in polo shirts.

School polo shirts usually feature a stitched collar made of a double layer of the same fabric as that used for making the body of the shirt. Cotton, polyester, and a blend of cotton and polyester are the common fabrics that are used for making school polo shirts. The fabrics are soft to touch and feel and make the students feel comfortable and relaxed throughout. Cotton has an excellent absorbent quality which makes it ideal for intense activities that students indulge in all daylong in school.

Some schools buy school polo shirts featuring a longer neckline plaque with three to four buttons and usually a logo of the school on left or right side. School polo shirts can be embroidered or screen printed with the choice of colours and designs to meet the perfect branding requirements of schools.  The versatility of the polo shirts has further contributed to their growing popularity.

To buy stock-rangeschool shirts or custom school polo shirts of premium quality, schools may visit

John Williamson is associated with Williamson International who writes on topics like Buy School Uniforms, schoolwear suppliers, School Jumpers etc.

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The effect of the present education system on today?s youth Sun, 28 Sep 2014 17:06:15 +0000 In recent years, we find education system has changed a lot. Lot of new measures, equipments, techniques and gazettes has come up in the educational institutions. Tough competition with over expectation of parents and teachers, a desire of every child to be superhero is increasing, everybody wants to move ahead, to be first in every race, an all rounder champion. Facts have nothing to do with fantasy. All hypothetical budding dreams of childhood tend to wilt before blooming as one grows he has to face the harsh world of struggle and competition. I myself Alaric was not an exception. The time from when I started understanding the world around us leaving behind my innocence, sweetness, serene childhood, the world stood very different. Then I could feel the fadedness in colour of life, as I grew up the sense of fear made me feel so uncomfortable that I feel the desire to get my old days back but that is never possible. The maturity in me brought a lot of wordly worries, tension and anxiety in me.

Now everything was very practical and I had to stand between them. I wanted to study well so that I could stand well in my life with some time for amusement and fun making. I completed my school life and upgraded to college. This was a great feeling in me and I hope is the same in everyones life. The first step in college made me overwhelmed as I could see lot of colourful shades of dress and different styles and fashions. These things made me feel that my college life would be very colourful but I was wrong again. Behind these colourful things there were huge thick books which didn’t let me to think on any styles. Now again I had to sort out time for my studies but it didn’t work as lot of studies didn’t let any time for fun and play. Above all a huge problem for me was submitting assignments. It was not at all possible for me to escape my studies and prepare assignments. I was very much depressed about my assignments, I then consulted my seniors regarding it. Thanks to Ramco my senior who guided me to give my assignment to professionals. The best part was I didn’t have to travel to any professionals. It was just a matter of finger pressings on net and my experts were ready to serve me. I was delighted and happy to give my task to academic assignments who was referred to me by and helped me the way I wanted and I could study well and perform better in assignments than my friends. Then onwards I decided to give my assignments to them. I even suggested few of my intimate friends to seek help from experts who are trained, skilled and specially committed to assignment making. All of ours assignment was different, unique and non identical. I admire academic assignments for their incredible work and professionalism. My friends thanked me for helping them with such excellent idea of hiring professionals and I am here to thank for such a fantastic move in the field of education to help students and bring back their lost confide, vigor and smile .

 Annette is also a student and a part time author. She loves to read books, and when she is not reading she is generally writing. She is also loves the rains and at other times dreams about chocolates.


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Indian Handicrafts Sat, 27 Sep 2014 17:05:31 +0000 The Best Way to Decorate Your Home

 The only amiable place where we return after a daylong tiring schedule that is our sweet home. Here we seek solace and retreat from an otherwise chaotic life. It is quite justify that we all try hard to beautify our home with the best way we can. However, to keep the pleasant ambience in the every nook and corner of the house it is needed the authenticity and ease in mind of the inhabitants of that house. What better way to decorate your home than to collect exquisite handicraft items that are simple yet elegant?

India is a land of rich and varied heritage with an interesting cultural background to match. It is home to myriad handicraft activities. Craftsmen are always nurtured in a very delicate manner, over here. Each state has specific handicraft practices to flaunt. Craft on fabric, marble, metal and paper are also equally popular.

The Indian handicrafts can be fairly described as the best in the world to add both the style and taste to even the most elegant house and room. Home decorative items may be handmade or artistically created from simple raw materials. Showpieces, wall hangings, paintings, upholstery, utility artifacts, curtains, cushions, puja-thalis and utensils can be included as part of home décor, as they adorn a home with a unique touch. Most Indian interior decorators stress upon the originality of home décor, as it is apt for an oriental setup.

When the question comes about the things for home décor, stone made handicraft are one of the most precious one for this purpose. Pottery and marble items are always in huge demand to decorate the home and to add to that look of luxuriant. There are many types of stone carvings, for example, traditional idols, sculpture, hyper-realist animals, etc. The favored material for stone carving is marble.

So, if you are looking for an oriental yet modern look, and want to manage costs as well, the well-designed and cost effective stone handicraft items are indeed the best bet.

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Pitting Primary Osteoarthritis Against Secondary Osteoarthritis: What Deviates One From The Other? Fri, 26 Sep 2014 17:08:36 +0000 Osteoarthritis is regarded as one of the common reasons why people experience hip injuries. Men and women over the age of 40 are susceptible to hip bone injury due osteoarthritis and some added factors such as debilitating disease, mechanical force directed to the body part, unhealthy lifestyle, hereditofamilial disease, and other underlying bodily ailments. Osteoarthritis may cause changes in the person’s lifestyle from drastic and life-changing situations such as an unfortunate affliction of an irreversible damage to the hip bone joints, to milder cases like swollen joints of some smaller bones.

Healthcare professional doctors usually advise their patients to opt for a hip replacement surgery if the injury to the hip turned out to be more serious than expected. Before undergoing the procedure, you can raise any concerns you might have regarding the process of the invasive surgery and the devices to be used which serves as a precaution and assurance that no harm will come upon you as a result of the surgery since complications from some hip replacement devices has been reported.

Primary Osteoarthritis

The disease process of osteoarthritis starts with a common injury to the joints which eventually goes awry. But there is an increased tendency that the new cells formed are not strong as it was especially when the person’s body is aging. Repeated strain on the susceptible and impaired bone could lead to degeneration. The breakdown products from the deteriorating process of the cartilage is released into the surrounding area of the joint capsule and as a result, inflammation signs and symptoms are experienced (pain, swelling, redness, warmth, loss of function).

As a recompense for the impaired joints, unusual bone formation located at the site of deterioration occurs as seen in those who have osteoarthritis of the hands and feet. It can progress into worsened state wherein the individual finds oneself undermined by the disease. The person’s genetics largely influences his or her susceptibility to get osteoarthritis.

Secondary Osteoarthritis

The disease process of secondary osteoarthritis undergo the same as primary osteoarthritis but the etiologic factor differs. Congenital disorder of the joints, diabetes, inflammatory diseases and other chronic form of arthritis, joint injury, infected joints, Marfan syndrome, excess weight, Hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease are the precipitating factors of secondary osteoarthritis.

Nevertheless, people who are afflicted with this disease are often advised to undergo invasive surgical corrective procedure such as a hip replacement surgery especially if the injured part is the hip bone joint. Due to the accumulating reports from DePuy ASR hip replacement products’ recipients about their alleged experience of having complications from faulty devices, a hip replacement recall was released. For more information about the progress of this case, you can search for more related sites available.

Do you want to know whether you are viable for a DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit? You can find the answers to your questions in the DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Information Site. DePuy Hip Recall updates are also available for those who are interested about the case.

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Indian Journey Advice Thu, 25 Sep 2014 17:05:23 +0000 What is Native indian voyage like like? It’s a concern that I get asked regularly and one that I find considerably difficult to response due to the point that voyage to Native indian is so different for everybody. Native indian is a greatly different and different place with a large range of societies, dialects, areas, belief systems, individuals and concepts.

The response I usually give is that nobody can response this concern other than yourself. You get out of visiting to Native indian more or less the same as what you put in and what needs to be put in is a concern far more appropriate to Native indian voyage.

So let’s ask the concern again. So what does one need to put into Native indian voyage to create a voyage as beneficial as possible? Now that is a concern far more responsible with an response that is actually beneficial. In my thoughts there are four main things that you need to do to create your voyage as unforgettable as possible:

Patience and flexibility

Any plan for Native indian voyage that includes a demanding routine is hopeless to don’t succeed. Even established trip providers in the nation can’t offer immediate introduction and departures to locations mainly because of the point that Native indian is so unforeseen.

You never know what is going to occur in Native indian, how lengthy it is going to take to get somewhere, what’s is going to occur when you get there and the likely time of your leaving. The teaches are usually late, sometimes by just an hour or two but sometimes by a whole day.

The streets are bad to say the least and the traffic in certain areas absolutely diabolical significance that a voyage of six hours could, in a few cases, take 10 or 15. You have to be versatile enough to modify your plans at the last-minute and individual enough to deal with the aggrevations that are just to be expected.

But persistence and versatility are not only important for staying happy in Native indian, they are also essential for transforming your voyage to Native indian from a simple holiday to an crucial and unforgettable encounter.

An instantaneously stay in an Native indian place may be a large difficulty if your voyage is organized down to everything, but if you look at it from another position, it can modify into an awesome encounter.

A chance it provides to speak to the residents, learn about the lifestyle or even just to look at. Observe the individuals, watch the traditions, watch lifestyle as it prevails. In my thoughts this is what voyage anywhere is all about. You don’t voyage to Native indian to take a picture of the Taj Mahal and then go home.

You voyage to Native indian to encounter, to observe and through these encounters you gain ideas into an entirely different lifestyle and individuals thus getting ideas into your self. Without versatility and persistence, visiting in Native indian has the potential to be an absolute major problem, but with them, a new community reveals up. A new community full of learning, details and unforgettable encounters. This is, after all, what voyage is all about, isn’t it?

Openness and self-trust

The amount of times I saw tourists in Native indian absolutely shut off to the nation they came to see seemed so unusual to me during my first voyage to Native indian. Now it is something that I know. It’s easy to appear in the nation, bright-eyed and innocent and soon get yourself into a difficult or more commonly, expensive situation which results in seeing this awesome nation through a contact of doubt and doubt. It occurred to me when I was in Native indian but I quickly realized that if I shut myself off and pushed my return into the Single Planet I would not encounter Native indian as she really is and basically, my voyage would be thrown away.

I was in the nation lengthy enough to soon convert my bad encounters into useful resources enabling me to carefully assess those who were out with bad objectives and enabling me to avoid possibly bad situations.

I soon developed a kind of 6th feeling which permitted me to take determined threats leading to my voyage transforming into the voyage of a life-time rather than just a voyage to a remote land.

Thanks to my newly found feeling of visibility and my new feeling of self-trust I experienced Native indian in a whole new way. I was no longer just a vacationer in Native indian, I was a visitor, willing to discover every new chance that I was encountered with. It is this type attitude, out of all the advice that I give individuals visiting to Native indian, that I suggest the most. It can modify your voyage into something wonderful and lifestyle changing rather than just an chance to take some pretty images.

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